Two Weeks Since My Last Confession


The third book from Kate Genovese, a fictional story about the O’Brien family focusing on Molly O’Brien and her brother Sean, covering thirty years of Molly’s tumultuous life; the damage of her Catholic upbringing, teenage pregnancy, sexual abuse and eventual drug addiction portraying a strong woman who overcomes the obstacles and returns back to the roots of her family’s religion.

Sean O’Brien is affected by his strict upbringing in a different way dealing with his own demons: the family’s overbearing political father and fanatically Catholic mother who enables Sean’s abusive nature.

In the end, Sean rises above his defects and comes to terms with his sister, Molly, helping her in her own recovery.

Beverly Bass wrote in October of 2008: “After reading her book “Two Weeks Since My Last Confession”, I had the pleasure of meeting Kate Genovese in person at my book club gathering in Brookline, MA. Meeting the author gave this compelling story even more depth and certainly insight into the characters and subject matter. I found the novel to be realistic, engaging and both heartening and heartbreakingly sad; all in all, a great read.

The Midwest Book Review notes:

“The best upbringing in the world doesn’t foolproof one from a terrible life. “Two Weeks Since my Last Confession“ follows Molly O’Brien, daughter of a senator and raised by a devout catholic. To the public, she had the perfect upbringing. But at thirty, she has a crippling heroin addiction and her life is on the rocks. What went wrong? Her family holds deep secrets, and only they can come to terms with them to set Molly on the right path in life again. “Two Weeks Since my Last Confession“ is a moving novel of dealing with one’s past.”

Print Length: 336 pages
Publisher: Fideli Publishing Inc. (August 3, 2011)
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Language: English