Kate's Biography

Kate Genovese was born in Watertown, Massachusetts (a suburb of Boston) and was the sixth of seven children. Her parents were big on education and reading. Her father encouraged reading at least three books a month since the age of six and Kate’s love for reading started then.

Kate’s passion for writing didn’t start until she was well into her forties. She was going through a difficult time in her life and an event occurred with her children and family of origin that led Kate to write her first unpublished book, A Silence So Still.

She realized the healing aspect of writing and creating characters and went on to publish three books: Thirty Years in September; A Nurses Memoir, which is autobiographical, Loving Joe Gallucci, and Two Weeks Since My Last Confession, which is fictional family drama.

Loving Joe Gallucci is a true love story based on the hepatitis C virus and has been made into a movie script that is being considered by directors. Some of the proceeds go to the Liver Foundation from the sales of the book.

Kate’s latest book is called ‘Hat Ticks from Heaven’. It is the story of her late son Chris and his battle with Opiod addiction. This is a story that describes the pain that many families have to deal with in their own lives.

Kate has been a registered nurse for over 30 years, is involved in alternative medicine and runs her own Reiki practice.

She has been married to her husband Gary for more than 35 years. They live north of Boston with their Golden Retriever Frankie.