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“I’d like to introduce a new look for the website and new covers! The site’s structure is still the same but the design is different along with the story of each published book.
Please look forward to an excerpt of Kate’s new book to be published in October of 2013 titled “APRIL SHOWERS” a wonderful and enlightening family saga that takes you through the life stories of the “KNIGHT” family, from the years of 1968-2009, with all their agonies and ecstasies and growing as a family, even with the death of their mother April Knight.”

New Cover Art for Loving Joe Gallucci

By KATEGENOVESE | Published: MARCH 5, 2011

Loving Joe Gallucci new cover

I’d like to introduce a new look for the website in honor of my new publisher, Fideli Publishing, and their fantastic work on the new cover art for Two Weeks Since My Last Confession. The site’s structure is still the same, but I’m very excited about the new styling. I hope that you all enjoy the new site design as well.

Loving Joe Gallucci can now be found on Fideli Publishing’s website, as well as Amazon.com.

Keep your eyes out for some new video interviews which will be posted very soon!

New Publisher and New Covers!

By KATEGENOVESE | Published: SEPTEMBER 24, 2010


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"Welcome to the new Kate Genovese website. This is an interactive site where the author participates with readers and friends via her social media links, blog and information on upcoming events.

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